The Benchmark

Legendary Reliability • Bulletproof Performance • Five Patents 1

1 TrailerBlade is covered by US Patents US8303025B2, US8727425B1, and US9211919B2

TrailerBlade™ Still Sets the Standard

For maximum fuel savings, rugged dependability, easy maintenance,
and great looks that lasts for years—

Nothing Beats TrailerBlade™. Nothing.

TrailerBlade™ achieved 7.15% fuel savings in an EPA verified, SAE Type J1321 Fuel Economy Test.

A typical tractor in standard service can easily save 600 gallons of fuel per year.1

It will last for years. TrailerBlade™ is the only product in its class made exclusively with proven materials.

1Calculation is based on achieving 4% fuel savings in a tractor that runs 100,000 highway miles per year at an average of 6.5 MPG.

Built for What’s Ahead

The right combination of proven materials, rugged design and efficient manufacturing make TrailerBlade™ economical, easy to install and extremely durable. It will last for years.

Durability Meets Performance

If you wouldn’t build a trailer out of it, then why use it to build a side skirt?

Choice Matters

You spend a great deal of time and money into buying a properly spec’d trailer. We don’t believe in allowing aerodynamics to compromise how you use your trailer.

That is why we have 16 different approved side-skirt configurations. Below are our most popular configurations, but rest assured—build your trailer the way you want it built, then leave the aerodynamics to us.

Details Matter

Fleets sometimes need very specific configurations. FleetAero has multiple certified configurations to meet your fleet’s specific needs.