Advanced Design Vented Mudflaps

Cheap Mudflaps are the Most Expensive Things in Your Fleet.

TrailerBlade AeroFlaps Won’ Rip Off • Eliminate Spray • Save Fuel

Curbs don’t get much rougher than this.

ROI Matters.

  • Reduce fuel costs by over 1-gallon per thousand miles*

  • Increase safety and fleet image by reducing spray

  • Eliminate citations from flap sailing

  • Built to withstand extreme conditions

Mudflaps create substantial drag. Switching to TrailerBlade™ Flaps can reduce fuel consumption by 1%, typically saving 100 gallons of diesel fuel per year. No aerodynamic product generates a higher ROI.

The Chevron design of the TrailerBlade™ Flap also contributes to spray reduction by directing the air flow and water passing through the flap towards the road surface. It is the most efficient flap on the market.

Injection molded from an industrial grade nylon, the flaps are unbelievably tough and highly resistant to flap “pinch” so they stay on and keep saving.

*Estimate based on Delta CdA of .10 Per Model

TrailerBlade AeroFlap Specifications

Material: Industrial grade injection molded nylon

Chemical: Not affected by diesel fuel Resistance: motor oil, coolant, salt acetone, detergent, or window cleaner

Freeze Test: -25°F for 30 days

Mounting: Standard mounting, trims easily

Dimensions: 30” × 24” or 24”x24”

Thickness: .3125”

Weight: 50 oz.